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May I pour you a cup of tea? Welcome Friends
Welcome one and all to the not-so-new, and not-so-improved Leela Lover Dot Com. The only real difference is that this is no long the site which will feature all my updates and content, not that I had any of that in the first place. This is merely the mother site.
Click below to go and see the new and improved world of Leela fandom.
You will be taken to the site of The Scared Eye. The home for my group, The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a group of Leela fans and Lovers, female and male, short and tall. We discriminate against no one.
Are you a fan of Leela, come on over.
Do you find her attractive, come on over.
What ever sort of Leela fan or Lover you are, you are welcome. Welcome to join a club where there is no judgement.
Not sure you want to join, well E-mail me, and ask about us. Ask about the benifits, and more. Ask about your own personal space and file area for once you join.
The Sacred Eye