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Who is Leela? Where did she come from?
The question of who is Leela is a hard question. But here, today, you will learn more about Leela then any other site can give you.

It all began in the 2970's. A cycloptic infant was abandoned by her parents Turanga Munda and Turanga Morris under the title of "Abandoned Property" at the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium. Leela's full given name is Turanga Leela.
There Leela recived a perscription monocle, and braces. Leela was constantly teased and called "One eye." Children can be so cruel. At the Orphanarium young Leela had a crush on another of the young orphans, his name is Adlai Atkins (meeting many years later at the orphanarium reunion, Leela thought she had met her perfect man, she found out he only loved her for her body).
To gain self confidence, Leela took up Octurin Kung-Fu. Her teacher, Master Fnog was a sexist pig and would not allow Leela to reach the higer of ranks, due to her gender, being only a teenager, this moment really impacted her life (it was not untill Leela reunited with Master Fnog, that she proved just what type of female she was, a kick ass female).
When Leela was in her young teens years, she got a birthday present from a mysterious benifactor (her real parents). The present was addressed to the name Leela, not Turanga. Meaning that her sur name comes first, then her first name.
At her high school prom, no one asked her out, and she had to take a picture alone.
Finally moving out on her own, she moved into an apartment, 1I. This being a cruel coincidence.
Her skills earned her a high rank in Fate Assignment, as an Officer of Fate assigning. Her real dream was to be a interplanetary space ship captain.
New Years eve of 2999, Leela met with a FOOL from the 20th century, with the name of Fry. Fry helped Leela quit her Fate Assignment job, and achive her dream. Now working at the Planet Express delivery service, Leela pilots the interplanetary delivery space ship.
She is alone, deperatly seeking love, and compainionship. Someone who can love her, just for who she is, and not just for her body. Sadly, Leela has no real idea of how to find that perfect man. She can at times become so desperate, she would be willing to do anything to just keep a man around. And there are some really big jerks who would take adantage of such an innocent, sweet woman! However in the end Leela always gives them a sucker punch that they will never forget. All Leela really wants in a man is simple: He has to be adventurous, self confidnet, and if possible, he has to be a "snappy" dresser.
While on a "search and rescue" mission on the planet of Vergon 6, Leela discovered her new best friend in the whole universe, a little three eyed, small, cuddley, black creature, she named Nibbler.
Finally, after much deception and looking, Leela finds her parents. Munda and Morris finally revealed their identities, as Leela's parents. However, Leela finds out she is not an alien, but a Mutant.
Leela spends her free time working out, and kick boxing with an inteligent grasshopper from the planet of Arcturus 6, and in zero gravity atmospheres, she bench presses the PE ship.

Who is Katey Sagal?
Born on January 19, 1965, Catherine Louise Sagal was born into a family of fame. Her father, Boris Sagal a famous director, mother, Sara Zwilling actress, and singer, her sister, Liz (Elizabeth) Sagal, actress aswell, and younger brother, Joey Sagal, who also acts.
Born and raised on sunny LA California, Katey has known fame all he life, but she never let it swell her head.
For her patrayal as Peg Bundy, she was nominated for four best actress awards from four differnt Golden Globe episodes. In addition, singing since an early age of 5, Katey released a few years ago, her first album, Why.
These days Katey spends her time concentrating on her two children Sarah Grace White (August 5, 1994) and a son Jackson James White (March 1, 1996). As for her fame, it still burns bright like a hot stage light, and as of right now, her main project is Futurama where she gives Leela the voice of an angel.
Katey, if you read this, thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with Leela, and my best wishes to you.

Did you know...? Did you know Leela at first was supposed to be voiced by Mad TV's Nicolle Sulivan? *Source of information, my copy of Billy West's copy of Futurama script 1ACV01, signed by Billy West.