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Say hello to the few and the proud
Hear you can learn alot and a little about the two of us.

Just popped in to say hello

Leela Lover Matt
Where to start about me. I guess it all began when I first started seeing the Futurama advertisements. When I saw them, I knew, then and there, that Futurama was going to be a great show to watch. However, my eye was caught on the image of a certain cyclops. I had a feeling deep in my gut about her, and I didn't know what it was yet.
I remember the night I first saw the show. I was at the house of a friend of the family's, and I asked to leave the dinner table early, just so I could go into the father's art studio and watch thier TV. I sat and watched, but then she came on again. Her name was Leela, and I leaned in closer.
At first I thought she was just going to be my favorite character. Finally, I came to a realization, I had fallen in love with this woman.
As time progressed, I became more and more interested in all things that were Leela. My whole high school knew I had this love for her; even one of my fellow piers found for me the exercise pictures of Leela for me. I was the first to have them. Sticks tongue out
Then I found them. I was not alone in the world with loving this goddess. Others shared my same feelings, but not as passionately. Together, we have formed The Inner Circle. A select group of people who have a love or deep fascination for Leela.
Leela is the perfect woman for me. Her face is so beautiful; whenever I feel down and out, I just look at her, and I can't help but smile. Her eye, the source of her bad luck with relationships, is actually what attracts me the most to her. Some would try and ignore it, I embrace it. Sure she also has the perfect body, but there is so much more to her. Her heart: so big, so warm, and so carring and yet so vunrable: she is so desperate to find someone to love her, she will do anything to keep them around. Her mind: strong, straight to the point, intelligent, strong in her beliefs. Leela knows who she is, and won't let anyone change that. However, Leela is alone. When I see her rejected, my heart sinks. I just feel so bad for her, that I wish I could hold her in my arms and assure her, "Leela, I'm here for you, forever and ever."

And now to stop the rumours and lies. Am I some sick, perverted man, who drools and masturbates to any image of Leela. HELL NO! I've heard a lot of crap in my time, so let me put it straight. The writters of the show refuse to give Leela a good date. Why? "...because we would be jealous." My first fan-fiction that stared Leela, she found mister right, and no, it was not me. In the few but great scripts that I have written in my time, Leela never meets "The Future Me."
Who am I? I know all there is to know about Leela, I memorize her quotes, her best lines. Yes, I day dream about her and me. Not sexually, but just simply hugging, or at the most hugging and kissing. That's about it. Leela Lover Matt
Leela Lover Ash
Un-like Matt, it wasnt love-at-first sight for me. I had been watching
Futurama from the begining. And right from the start, she was my favourite
character. Which was kind of usual really, for me anyway. Really, who can
honestly say that Marge was their favourite character in the Simpsons ? But
Leela was different. I liked her, but that was all. But over the space of a
few episodes, I developed abit of a crush on her. Which, slowly but surely,
turned into just pure love for her. And yes, I know this sounds dumb. And
yes, maybe it is, but you cant help what you feel inside.
To me, Leela is the perfect woman. She`s strong, yet feminem. Emotional,
caring, yet vunrable. She`s loyal, and would do anything for the people she
cared about. She is a strong, mature character. So strong that you sometimes
feel that she doesnt need anyone else in her life. But she is also,
incredibly lonely, which is very sad. Its makes you wanna just grab her, and
hold her, and never let her go.
Her face is just to so adorable, that you cant help but smile when you
see it. Her one-eye, which has sadly been the reason for her turbalent
child-hood and low self-asteem when it comes to relationships, is what I
believe to be her greatest feature. It is this eye, that makes her so
unique. One of a kind.
She also has the perfect womanly body. Strong thighs, perky breasts, and
perfectly formed butt ;)

How come Ash and I sound so much alike? No I didn't just come up with another name. Ash lives far away from me, and yet over time, him and I have become the best of friends. If I were to ever meet him, I know he would be the best friend I have ever had. But where is Ash's E-mail address? Ash doesn't get to his computer as much as he would like to, so he has left me in charge of all the site stuff.