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Welcome the links page. Here you will find an asortment of links from other Leela Lovers and places any self respecting Futurama fan should go to.

The sites of Leela Lovers and Fans alike:

Futurama Scan Art Central (FSAC) - This is one of the best sites for Futurama art around. If you are looking for scans, wallpapers, or just a sketch, go here.

Fry Online - Fry, he is what Futurama is all about. Without Fry, there would be no Futurama, and no Leela. LLDC salutes you Mr. Fry.

Homepage Von Daniella - The first Lesbian Leela Lover, and we are proud to have her in our ranks. If you know German, go ahead and know more about Daniella. If you don't know German go and break out that "German-to-Your-Language dictionary, and start reading.

Futurama fan sites:

Cartoons R Us - Cartoons are what make the unemployable employable. Or if you like the crazy antics of anything possible, or inanimate objects morphing into robots from Japan, go here. The message board of the cartoon age.

Can't Get Enough Futurama (CGEF) - The Futurama site. For overall Futurama "STUFF" go here. Games, news, and previews, and the leader in the 'Save Futurama' protest. FIGHT THE FOX!

Futurama at Ebay - Looking for the rare, or unbuyable? Here, already searched and linked is a site to buy what you sometimes can't, in stores. Oh, if you see my bid on something, stay away. I'll put you out of the bank. STAY OFF THE WEST SIDE!